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2017 White Water Rafting Outing August 4-6

White Water RaftingThe final balance owed by each team on Monday, June 26 needs to be turned in at the meeting on Monday, June 19 or you can bring them to the meeting on June 26 and give them to ASM Scheid – he will collect any payments that come in. We must have the balance by this date because we need to mail it to the WWR company before leaving for summer camp on July 1st. They must receive the final payment 30 days before our trip.

Please see the list below of other things that need to be accomplished prior to the trip in order to participate:

1. Everyone going must fill out the waiver and bring it with them. The ESM will collect them prior to leaving. Please go to this link to print the form. (PDF)

2. Everyone going must pass the scout swim test. That includes you too adults. Anyone going to summer camp with get this done there. For those of you not going, we will meet at the Westerville Rec Center and we will do the swim test there. It is 3 lengths of the pool doing any forward stroke and then one length doing the back stroke. When that is done, you will have to do a short float. I will make a reservation at the Westerville pool so we can get this done.

3. At the committee meeting it was decided that each adult attending this trip would need to complete two short on-line courses offered by BSA. This is so all adults can help to keep our scouts safe while on the river. With a group this big, we will likely be in 2 different rafts.
Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense – both courses can be taken at

Please print your certificate and give ASM Steele a copy once you successfully complete these courses.

Just a few more things for us to determine before we leave.
1. ASM Steele will be contacting adults about being drivers. The troop will give each driver $ for gas.
2. There will be no need for anyone to cook while on this trip so we are not taking the troop trailer. If you need a troop tent, please see Doug Kalgren. Please be prepared to transport all of your own items.
3. Please make sure to take money for meals while traveling – Namely dinner on Friday and Lunch on Sunday. All other meals will be supplied by the rafting company.
4. We will be meeting at the church on Friday, August 4th at 2pm to head out for WVa. This will allow you to stop for dinner and still get there with some daylight to set up your tents.
5. Finally, ASM Steele will continue to do all the planning and preparation and can even be there to see everyone off at 2pm August 4th but he cannot go on this trip due to a family commitment that weekend. We need an adult leader to assume responsibility for the event once it gets underway. Any adult leader who can manage the event after 2pm on Friday would be appreciated. Please let ASM Steeele know if this is something you can do.

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