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Summer Camp 2017

Camp Ottari Summer Camp located in Hiwassee, VA (click for map) is the location for our 2017 summer camp. Scheduled for the week of July 2-8, we have the Troop Permission Form available.

Trailer loading will be at 5pm on July 1.

Info as follows has been updated:

Useful Downloads and noted items within:

General and Administrative Information about Camp Ottari
page 6) sending care packages and mail instructions
page 8) special needs. you Need this for dietary restrictions or any other special requests
page 14) if you have ANY medication beyond Halls or tums, you NEED this
page 18) the official Ottari base camp packing list
page 20) camp map

Camp Ottari Leaders’ Guide
page 2) sample daily schedules
page 12) camp song and grace
page 14) merit badge schedel
page 15) blank base camp roster

Brownsea Island (First-year Scout Program) Leaders’ Guide
page 2) recommended day pack items for every day
page 5) Dialy schedule
page 6) Blank BSI Roster

Mountain Man Leaders’ Guide
Page 1) preparing for the program
page 3) SPECIAL PACKING LIST for Mountain man
page 5) Blank MM roster

The Troop is planning on providing transportation for summer camp:

The camp is located at 2881 Simpkinstown Rd, Hiwassee, Virginia. $50 for transportation has been added to the permission form. According to Google Maps, this is about 5 hours 30 minutes away (one way). Dates for camp are July 2-8, 2016. Trailer loading day is July 1 at 5pm (see email).  Drop-off and Pickup times have not yet been announced; however.

Personal Gear:
A list of items to pack (and what not to pack) will be sent out and will be available for download on this site. NO CELL PHONES OR OTHER ELECTRONICS!

All medications, prescriptions and non-prescription, brought to camp by scouts and leaders are REQUIRED to be secured in a locked storage. This policy may seem too strict for over the counter medications; however, if a camper consumes medication that is not meant for them, it has deadly potential.

There will be certain exceptions for lifesaving medications to be carried at camp, such as asthma inhalers, epi-pens, etc. This decision will be made during the medical exam given by our health officers.

A designated Troop leader should be responsible for storing and distributing medications within the Troop’s campsite upon approval of the Health Officer.

Medication must be in the original pharmacy container and also must include this form on page 14 of the Camp Admin Guide.

Please place the container in a one gallon zip-lock bag with your scout’s name on the outside.

Our required troop permission form has a section to list any medications that will need to be distributed during the time at camp.

Special Dietary Needs:

Any special dietary needs must be accompanied with this form on page 14 of the Camp Admin Guide.

Camp Programs:
Camp Ottari has a large number of special programs available at a fee: High Adventure, High Knoll, New River Adventure, Mountain Man, Fish Camp, Claytor Base and Voyager Trek. See the Permission form for more.

Brownsea Island (first-year Scouts)
All first-year Scouts will be attending the Brownsea Island program. Your program is 100% laid out for the entire week you have no selections available. Please review the following leader guide for brown Sea Island. The daily schedule is printed in this book. Your program is intended to teach you and give you the opportunity to earn lots of requirements from Scout through first class. You will also have the opportunity to earn your firemn’ Chit and Totin Chip. Integrated into this program are two pre-selected Eagle required Merit badges. During your week at summer camp you will have the opportunity to earn swimming merit badge and first aid merit badge. Refer to this manual for brownsea Island.

Merit Badge Program:
To select your merit badges you will print off page 14 of the leader guide. It Is the 2017 Ottari merit badge schedule. You will then review everything and make three selections for each time slot. Your selections will be circled and labeled 1,2,3 for first second and third choices.
Refer to pages 4 through 10 for reference and Please pay special attention to all prerequisites and requirements associated with the merit badges you select. See pages 4-10 on the Camp Ottari information flyer for the list of Merit Badges including all prerequisites for you to start discussing your choices and familiarizing yourself with the site.

You may also reference to review the work book associated with every merit badge available. You will be required to print the workbooks for the merit badges you take at camp. 95% of everyone will get their first choice of merit badges so it is probably a wise decision to start your prerequisites now, We are just over 1 month away from camp.

If for some reason you do not get your first choice you will still have two weeks lead time to complete your prerequisites on the choice of merit badges you do get.

When you have made your selection, you will print your name in the Shaded box to the right of where it says merit badge schedule. Then you will flip the paper and on the back you will clearly print your phone number, email address, and sign it stating you understand the requirements and you also understand that by taking the class you are not guaranteed to receive the merit badge. Earning the merit badge requires all prerequisites, 100% participation, and a completed workbook. If for some reason you do not complete a merit badge, the appropriate counselor here at home can finish it with you.


High Adventure Program:
Anyone taking a high adventure program, please follow this link and review the appropriate high adventure leader guide for the program you are attending:

Camp Equipment:
The Troop will be charged for any damage to camp equipment – tents, cots, etc. In such a case, the charges will be passed onto the appropriate scouts (i.e. the tent buddies in the case of a damaged tent). Tent damage is assessed at $25 per inch. Of course this will not be a problem because we will all be demonstrating our best Scout Spirit to the letter of the Scout Law and Oath.

Emergency Contact:
The Scoutmaster’s cell phone is listed on the attachment letterhead via email and will be on him at all times – however, cell phone coverage can be ‘spotty’ at camp. The Camp Ranger’s number is 540-980-4762. They will find a Troop adult leader, if needed. This should only be used in a true emergency situation – i.e. need to pick your scout up because of illness/death in family, etc.

Scouts will want some spending cash for the Trading Post for snacks/souvenirs. $25-50 should be adequate. It is our experience that they will spend whatever you send with them. They are responsible for their own cash while in camp. Bring it at your own risk. They may need additional $ for special items needed for some merit badges and/or programs – see merit badge attachment.

SEND CARDS, LETTERS AND ”CARE” PACKAGES TO YOUR SON AT CAMP! Send the first on Thursday before we leave for Camp. That way it will get there on Monday or Tuesday. If you send a “care” package, please send enough so that your son can share it with his patrol or with the whole Troop. Experience shows that a postcard, letter, or care package goes a long way toward keeping your son happy at camp!

Scout’s Name – Troop 843
Camp Ottari
2881 Simpkinstown Rd
Hiwassee, VA 24347

This is an issue for some scouts every year. We are quite accustomed to dealing with it and rarely (i.e. never) end up sending a kid home. Generally, they are too busy during the day to think about it and too tired at night to worry about it. A visit from mom/dad generally makes it worse; mail and/or a care package make it better.

Leader’s and Parent’s Guide
The 14-page 2017 combined Leader’s Guide / Program Guide is available for download from here.

Camp Website
Additional information will eventually be available at the following web site: and this Parents & Leaders page:

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