Tonight's Inside Troop Meeting - 7 pm

🕓Oct 26, 2020 · ☕2 min read

Tonight we will be meeting inside the church! As exciting as this “return to normal” change is… we MUST remember that we are NOT really returning to normal!

The PLC reviewed these changes will be at the meeting early to ensure all scouts are following social distancing procedures. Outlined below is a list of these procedures and concerns:

  • ALL participants MUST wear a mask throughout the time in the building. No exceptions.
  • We will be conducting temperature checks at the beginning of the meeting per normal procedures. However, if you do not feel well, please do not attend!
  • Scouts will be assigned by the PLC to their “Patrol Pew (row)” and are expected to remain throughout the meeting (patrol breakouts can be conducted outside). However, no walking around or visiting other patrols.
  • Bathrooms are available.
  • At the end of the meeting, please promptly leave the church. We can not congregate in lobbies or in other areas inside of the building.
  • ALL CLASSROOMS AND BACK HALLWAYS are off limits. We can get tables/flags out of the closets, but no meetings in any of the classrooms/hallways.
  • Patrol breakouts need to be in either the pew area or outside.

Additionally, I have had some emails and conversations with concerned parents related to this topic and wanted to point out the following:

  • Although we will always be scout led, we have a lot of new changes that will require additional supervision. We all need to be aware of any issues that are observed. Parents feel free to point out any problems to adult leaders to make sure we are all being as safe as possible. This is EVERYONE's Troop and we need to work together to make sure it continues to be successful.
  • Scouts that do not follow these procedures or act in an unsafe manner will be removed from the meetings. I know we are all pretty tired of these rules, but we must continue to take this issue seriously to ensure everyone's safety.

If there is a silver lining to this whole Covid issue, it is that it has forced us to recognize the importance of the small Patrol groups. We need to always keep the Patrol groups in mind as we come together for meetings or campouts. Maintaining these smaller groups will help us maintain our social distancing, while still being able to meet together on a common night.

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Troop 843