Summer Camp 2020

🕓Feb 24, 2020 · ☕3 min read
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  • It is the time of the year to think about SUMMER CAMP. This year we will be going to Camp Falling Rock (12637 Houdeshell Rd, St Louisville, OH 43071) for the week of July 5-11. The camp is about 45min away. The cost for the week will be $290 to be paid in full by 4/6, or $310 if paid in full by 5/4. As this is an in council camp, we will not be traveling as a troop to the camp but dropped off directly at camp on Sunday early afternoon and picked up on Saturday morning (exact times are TBD). Carpooling is encouraged to save on gas.

    Full medical forms will need to be current (updated between July 5th 2019-July 2020). Quick reminder that there is a new BSA medical form that you should use for your physical this year (parts A,B, and C are required). The permission form attached to this email will need to be filled out in full with your check. Medical forms may be handed in separately and will be tracked by our troop medical officer.

    There are 29 merit badges being offered this year. New scouts will be participating in the new scout program (Pathways First Year Program), which helps to work through Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class requirements, but you will also be able to work on a few merit badges as well. As Doug Kallgren has said, Summer Camp is very helpful for new scouts as you will get a great jumpstart on your scouting career during the week. If at all possible, this would be a great opportunity for you. Older scouts, you have a ton of programs you can be a part of as well.

    I will be sharing this information at our meeting tonight, but wanted to provide this form now, so that you can begin to turn in permission forms/checks tonight if you are ready. We should have about 3-4 troop meetings before our first due date for payments if anybody would like to talk in person before committing.

    We will need several adults to attend for the week to help support our scouts. If you are interested in attending, please send me an email so that I can start to aggregate a full list. Ideally, we should have 1 adult for every 6 scouts, so if we have 50 scouts attending we would ideally have 8 adults coming as well. The cost is generally shared by the troop, but I will need to get the details ironed out on this with our troop committee. Adults will need full medical forms as well and need to complete Youth Protection Training.

    Here is the Camp Map and the Merit Badge Program prerequisites.

    Troop 843
    Troop 843