New Fundraiser!

πŸ•“Mar 4, 2019 · β˜•1 min read
  • #fundraiser
  • Foertmeyer & Sons have brought troop 843 another fundraiser! If you didn’t receive your packet on the initial intro day, see Mr Peters to get your packet, and to ask any questions. Foertmeyer & Sons is a flower selling fundraiser, and for every flower you sell, some money goes to your scout account. You can also sell online, but you need a packet to get started online. The sale started February 25, 2019, and will end March 11. All orders are due that Monday, and delivery day at the church is May 5, 2019.

    The more you sell, the more and better prizes you get! So let’s get out there and sell!

    Troop 843
    Troop 843