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New Scout Field Days

TentScouts are now preparing for our New Scout Field Days campout on April 20th – 22nd.  Each Patrol has had a Skill Station assigned at the last PLC meeting.  During the April 2nd and 16th Troop meetings, each patrol will need to finish up making their plans for New Scout Field Day.

These patrol meeting plans should include the following:

  1. Patrols need to have their New Scout Field Day Skill Stations plans firmed up and ready to go.
  2. Patrols need to plan their meals to include their New Scout guests for Lunch and Dinner on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday.


2018 Flower Sale

FlowerParents are strongly encouraged to attend the short fundraiser informational meeting this Monday February 26th at 8 p.m. provided by Chris Sadlicki fundraiser director at Foertmeyer & Sons Greenhouse

Monday February 26th 2018 Kicks off our 3rd annual troop 843 Spring Mother’s Day flower sale Fundraiser campaign! Our goal this year is for each Scout to profit at least $300 to replenish your Scout accounts and be used for camps and activities throughout your scouting career. 100% of all profits are deposited directly into each selling Scouts account. In the past years we have had great success with many Scout being able to fully fund several monthly camps throughout the year and even pay for summer camp in full. (more…)

2018 Indoor Climbing Outing

Our March outing will be over night indoor climbing at Vertical Adventures. Scouts need to be dropped off at 10PM on Friday March 23rd and picked up by 8AM on Saturday March 24th. Scouts need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow. Note, all participants must have completed an online waiver with Vertical Adventures. in addition to the Troop permission form (available for download here). Please do so at the Vertical Adventures website, minors need the on line signature of parent or guardian. Traditionally this has been an outing where you may invite a friend to introduce them to Scouting. Sisters and brothers (if a parent of the Scout is present) have been allowed to attend as well. We encourage ASMs and parents to attend, you will be instructed in belaying and can help us belay Scouts while they climb. Each non-adult participant that climbs has to pay the $35.00 fee and complete permission forms and Vertical Adventures waiver. Please bring your completed permission forms(attached to this email) to one of the regular Troop meetings by March 19th.

2018 Winter Sports Camp Out

SnowboarderThe 2018 Winter Sports Camp Out will be at Mad River! This event is open to both experienced skiers and snowboarders as well as beginners. Lessons will be offered for beginners!


• When: February 17th-February 18th
• Arrive at the Church 2/17 @ 8:30 am (Plan to eat a good breakfast before you arrive)
• Load up & Roll Call: 8:45 am
• Depart: 9:00 am for Mad River Mountain

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2018 Bushwhack Campout

ColdThis is a very popular camp out that includes one of the most sought after and coolest (largest) event patches.

Dates: January 19 – 21, 2018.
Cost: $25

1) We will leave the church PROMPTLY at 5:45 pm. on the 19th
2) Be at the church NO LATER than 5:30pm.
3) Camp either in a tent (most challenging) or in the cabin (no cots available, bring sleeping pad)
4) See attached Winter Camping Guidelines (more info in your Handbooks and the Field Guide).
5) 10 mile hike on Saturday – Bring STURDY hiking boots, day pack, extra socks, and water bottle.
6) Patrols need to plan for three meals:
   a. Saturday AM – Breakfast
   b. Saturday – Trail Lunch
   c. Saturday PM – Dinner
7) We will stop at Young’s Dairy for Breakfast on Sunday morning (BRING $$).
8) We will bring the Troop trailer, but plan for any other equipment your patrol will need.
9) The Camp Birch staff may make us carry our gear back to the camp on foot, be prepared.
10) We’ll plan to be back to the church as close to NOON on Sunday as possible and, as usual, will call parents to give them a more accurate ETA as soon as we are close.
11) Permission form can be downloaded in the downloads area

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