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Merit Badge Counselor Etiquette

Merit Badge Counselor

Merit badge counselors are volunteer subject matter experts who generously give their time to help Scouts learn and advance their rank. Because of that, Scouts should always be courteous, well-prepared and respectful of their time:

• Scouts need to always contact their counselor prior to any meeting.  Generally speaking, the scout will always contact the counselor to arrange times.

• Blue cards must be obtained prior to the first session. Generally the Scout should obtain the blue card from the Scout Master before their first meeting with the counselor.

• Scouts need to be prepared with prerequisites that the counselor has set for them.

• Scouts should always wear their Class A uniform unless other arrangements have been made by the Scout and the counselor.

• Remember that the counselor is a volunteer so please be polite, show up on time and always say “thank you” for their time.

• The counselor should always follow two deep leadership.  This means that a 1:1 meeting should never happen.  If there is a 1:1, parents or another adult must attend. Meetings should be in open, public, or in groups.

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© 2019 BSA Troop 843 - Boy Scouts of America