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Cleaning Equipment

Boy Scout Camping is an all-weather affair, and that means things get dirty.  Here’s information on how to clean up your equipment so that it lasts a long time:


1. First set up the tent completely so it can dry out.

2. Take a warm bucket of water (No Soap at All) and wipe the tent as needed to clean out all the dirt and mud. This does not mean using the same wash rag and  smearing the dirt around. We need the scouts to rinse out the wash rags as needed so the tent will be clean.

3. After the tents are completely dried out you can roll the tents up. It helps if you have the pole in the pole bag and use the pole bag to role the tents up.  This will help in getting a tighter finished product so the tents fit into the tent bags.

4. This is also a good time to make a note of any damage or missing parts. Report any problems.


1. Each stove should be cleaned with a scouring pad. Yes, we know some of the dirt is left over from the last scouts. But if we all start to do a better job cleaning the stoves before we return them we will all have clean stoves when we go to use them.

Troop table:

1. If you use a troop table you are required to clean up the table before you return it. That would include using a soap and water and rinse.

2. Report any damage the table might have so we can fix the table or tables.

Dining Canopies:

1. Use care when setting up the Dining Canopies. They require at least 4 people to set up.

2. After the dining Canopy has been set up return the bag the fly was stored in back to the trailer.

3. Repeat process when taking down the Dining Canopies.

Bring all the equipment to the next Scout meeting and return it back to the Troop Quartermaster.

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© 2019 BSA Troop 843 - Boy Scouts of America