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2017 December Shooting Campout – Rifle Merit Badge

Scouts attending the December Shooting Campout will also have the opportunity to complete the Rifle Merit Badge. This is optional, but a great opportunity to pick up another merit badge.

If you are interested in completing this merit badge, you have three tasks:
1. Request a blue card.
2. Attend the campout and while you are there complete the shooting requirements. This includes firing 5 sessions with 5 shots per session. Three of the shots must be grouped close enough together to be covered by a quarter. This is sometimes challenging for scouts to complete this requirement at other opportunities (summer camp, etc.), but we typically have enough time to work with the scouts to accomplish this task.
3. The last part is to complete the merit badge worksheet (pages 1-6) and turn it in. At this time, we will review these answers with the scout to ensure they have a good understanding of the material. The worksheet can be turned in at the campout or anytime afterwards (future Troop Meeting, etc.). Rifle Merit Badge books are available at the scout store or you can check in the troop library. Hint: If you are paying attention at the campout, I am pretty sure you will hear all of the answers at least once or twice…

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© 2019 BSA Troop 843 - Boy Scouts of America