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2017 Snow Sports Outing

Snowboarder[NOTE: Outing Cancelled due to warm weather] We are going to have a ski day at Mad River Mountain on February 25th. This will be a day trip only, not a camp out.

Our plan is to meet at 7:30AM at LCUMC. Plan on bringing money to buy lunch and dinner at the base lodge cafeteria (or you can bring a bag lunch). We will have all-day lift tickets and plan on leaving the slopes around 9PM, returning to LCUMC by 10PM.

We have a group rate with them, but the price for the outing will depend on equipment and lessons.
The group rate for lift tickets is $40. Equipment rental for either snow skiing or snowboarding is $25. Helmet rental for snowboarders is an additional $7. You can add a 1 hour group lesson for $13. Permission form is in the Toop Downloads area.

A couple of Frequently Asked Questions from Mad River Mountain’s website:

How should I dress?
A waterproof top-layer such as snow pants and a jacket are recommended, and underneath it’s best to dress in warm layers that you can add or shed depending on the outside temperature. Cotton garments are not recommended as they retain moisture. You’ll also need winter accessories like warm socks, gloves and hats. Goggles or sunglasses will protect your eyes from sun, wind or falling snow. Mad River Mountain’s on-site retail shop can help equip you with any of these items you have forgotten or do not own. If it’s a sunny day don’t forget the sunscreen!

What types of shoes do I need?
You can wear any type of shoe to get to Mad River Mountain. Skiing and snowboarding require designated boots that you would either purchase on your own or are included with our equipment rentals. Our rental facility and main base lodge are equipped with coin-operated lockers to store your street shoes while on the hill.

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© 2019 BSA Troop 843 - Boy Scouts of America