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Hocking Hills Canoe Outing

Two required forms are available in our download area for for this years canoe outing. We will be going to Hocking Hills for our canoe trip and taking their Rock Bridge Trip. The highlights for the trip are:

We will be staying in the hocking state park youth group camping area close to where we stayed for repelling. The price of the trip will be $35 for scouts and $30 for adults. The trip is just a few weeks away so do not delay in getting your completed forms turned in. I would like to get the full roster by NEXT FRIDAY July 29th so I can give the livery a head count to expect.

Meal planning….come to the church fed on Friday. There will be time for a hot breakfast on Saturday morning, plan for lunch on the river (think large plastic bags to keep food dry) and then there should be a good amount of time for a hot dinner on Saturday night. Typical cold breakfast on Sunday while we tear down camp and head out.

Also the livery has a limited number of kayaks, so state your preference on the first line of the 843 form and kayaks will be given out in the order that the permission forms are turned into me until the livery runs out. Adults this includes you as well.

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© 2019 BSA Troop 843 - Boy Scouts of America