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2018 Bushwhack Campout

Jan 18, 2018 - Thu
Dayton, United States
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
fri jan 19
clear sky
32/17°F 14 mph, SW 84% 29.56 inHg
sat jan 20
scattered clouds
40/28°F 15 mph, SW 96% 29.52 inHg
sun jan 21
light rain
45/38°F 10 mph, SSW 95% 29.56 inHg
mon jan 22
broken clouds
53/41°F 15 mph, S 90% 29.36 inHg
tue jan 23
light rain
36/36°F 22 mph, WSW 92% 29.2 inHg

ColdThis is a very popular camp out that includes one of the most sought after and coolest (largest) event patches.

Dates: January 19 – 21, 2018.
Cost: $25

1) We will leave the church PROMPTLY at 5:45 pm. on the 19th
2) Be at the church NO LATER than 5:30pm.
3) Camp either in a tent (most challenging) or in the cabin (no cots available, bring sleeping pad)
4) See attached Winter Camping Guidelines (more info in your Handbooks and the Field Guide).
5) 10 mile hike on Saturday – Bring STURDY hiking boots, day pack, extra socks, and water bottle.
6) Patrols need to plan for three meals:
   a. Saturday AM – Breakfast
   b. Saturday – Trail Lunch
   c. Saturday PM – Dinner
7) We will stop at Young’s Dairy for Breakfast on Sunday morning (BRING $$).
8) We will bring the Troop trailer, but plan for any other equipment your patrol will need.
9) The Camp Birch staff may make us carry our gear back to the camp on foot, be prepared.
10) We’ll plan to be back to the church as close to NOON on Sunday as possible and, as usual, will call parents to give them a more accurate ETA as soon as we are close.
11) Permission form can be downloaded in the downloads area

© 2018 BSA Troop 843 - Boy Scouts of America | Admin
© 2018 BSA Troop 843 - Boy Scouts of America