Upcoming Meetings

🕓Aug 4, 2020 · ☕3 min read

Hello Scouts and Families:

It was great to have a “mini” Court of Honor last night. Although the group was limited, our faces were covered, and we stood at appropriate distances, it was still nice to be together again.

As I mentioned last night, we would like to try and get back to meeting at the church again on a regular basis. As with everything, we will be incorporating a new process:

  • All scouts, leaders and family members must wear masks at all times. No exceptions, if you forget your mask, you need to go home to get it.

  • All meetings will be outdoors. We will not be able to use the inside of the church (no bathrooms, etc.).

  • All participants must follow social distancing. If we can not do this as a group, we will have to cancel future meetings.

  • Meetings will be held in the grassy areas on the Northwest side of the church.

  • We will have a check-in table set up for scouts to have the temperatures taken as they arrive.

  • Orange traffic cones will be distributed around the grassy area. Patrols will meet as groups at each cone location.

  • Normal opening flags and announcements will take place, afterwards Patrols can further spread out to locations around the church property to meet (work on requirements, etc.).

  • Patrols will return to their traffic cone to view any Troop presentations and the meeting closing.

  • We will continue to encourage Patrols to meet outside of the Troop meetings as they decide.

Adult leaders and parents, we will need help, watching the scouts to make sure we are following these procedures. Also looking for volunteers to help at the check-in table.
This being said, I would like to get each family's reaction to this plan. Shortly, I will be sending out a 10 question survey as we would like to have your family's feedback. Additionally, if you would like to email me directly with ideas or concerns, please do so… These are uncharted waters and I am interested in making this program something that everyone is comfortable with… (or at least to… Do Our Best).
List below are the scheduled meeting dates that are currently planned:

Monday, August 10th @ 7 p.m. - Patrol Leader Council meeting (Cabinet and Patrol Leaders only)

Monday, August 17th @ 7 p.m. - Troop Meeting

Monday August 24th @ 7 p.m. - Troop Meeting

Monday, August 31st @ 7 p.m. - Troop Meeting

Monday, September 7th - Labor Day - No Meeting

Monday, September 14th @ 7 p.m. - Patrol Leader Council meeting (Cabinet and Patrol Leaders only)

Monday, September 21st @ 7 p.m. - Troop Meeting

Monday, September 28th @ 7 p.m. - Troop Meeting (Court of Honor)

Monday, October 5th @ 7 p.m. - Troop Meeting

Monday, October 12th @ 7 p.m. - Patrol Leader Council meeting (Cabinet and Patrol Leaders only)

Troop 843
Troop 843