Gettysburg 2020

🕓Apr 12, 2020 · ☕3 min read
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  • Yes, the time has come to start the registration process for Gettysburg 2020!!

    If you know you are attending, please send me an email so that I can get an idea of how many scouts are interested. Permission forms and payments will be collected at some point prior to the event.

    First, I want to say that my previous trip to Gettysburg was one of my favorite Scout outings. HOWEVER…. this is not an easy trip. The trip includes two days of travel and three days of hiking through the battlefields/museums of Gettysburg. These are non-stop days that might not be enjoyable for all scouts. If four nights of tent camping, cooking our own meals, daily 10 mile hikes, drinking history from a fire hose, and no showers, does not sound like a good time, this trip might not be for you. As everyone’s participation effects the whole group, less experienced scouts should seriously consider these conditions. The troop typically votes to make this trip every other year so there are always plenty of opportunities later in your scouting career. I know the first year scouts are anxious to get started, but this probably would not be a good choice. Don't worry, once this situation is over, we will have plenty of more age appropriate outings.

    Leaders and Parents – The success of this outing is very dependent on our adult participation. I realize this outing is a little more expensive than most, the cost ($160) does include most meals, camping, gas for travel, patches, and tickets to the different events. The coordination of this trip is a little more complicated as we will need to transport the scouts to different locations throughout the day (museums, trail headers, etc.). All gas/toll expenses will be reimbursed.

    Troop Meals – Since this event is longer than your average outing, we have found that cooking as a troop rather than a patrol is much more practical. I have drafted a menu (see attached schedule) that we have typically used in these situations. Patrols will be assigned cooking and cleanup duties as we will all have the opportunity to do our share. However, I would really hope that a couple of the adults attending will help me out with this task (shopping, coolers, and meal prep). Again, this event takes a lot of coordination and any help will ensure a great experience for the scouts.

    Medical Forms – Since this trip is over 72 hours, each person (scout and adult) will need to have a current medical form on file with the Troop (part A,B,C, complete all three parts). Everyone will need this at some point (summer camp, etc.) so we have time to have this completed. Note that the third part of the form requires a doctor’s signature. All medical forms expire after 12 months.

    As we work through this COVID-19 situation, all dates (and prices) are pending. However, I have made arrangements for July 22nd to July 26th as our backup date.

    Troop 843
    Troop 843